Shine Out! Shout Out!

SO!SO!; A nonprofit dedicated to youth mental health.

From audit of existing presence to delivery of a new design, Michelle takes the time to understand her client, understand what they are hoping to achieve through their web presence, and delivers it in a timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner. And the best part is the offer of follow-up services and support packages. We no longer come across as an “event” but an organization.

– Michele

Shine Out! Shout Out! web design.


Redesign the website to focus on their Just Be You peer support program for youth, and to encourage donations from donors.


I redesigned the website to put a focus on their Just Be You program and show potential donors why it’s so important to donate to it (and how to do so). I kept the youthful feel of the original website, but modernized it and customized it to appeal to youth wanting to join the peer support program. I ensured the written content appealed to donors, by creating an emotional connection and giving them clear information on how their donations support the program.

Visually, I used many photos from the organization itself, including photos of youth who attend the Just Be You program, and of participants and volunteers of their hockey tournament that raises funds for Just Be You.


Web Design, Web Development, Some Copywriting

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