Powerful Voices Project

PVP; A nonprofit that empowers sexual assault survivors.

Michelle is professional, creative, and prompt. In my experience, her work was top-notch. She involved me at every step of the way and sought feedback and responded effectively. Not only did Michelle seek feedback, but she also helped me to understand what any given decision meant and what I needed to be thinking about with different design and function components.

– Becky

Powerful Voices Project web design.


Redesign the website to focus on the Project’s videos for increased engagement, to reach their desired audiences, and send those audiences their corresponding messages.


I redesigned the website so that videos are now throughout the entire site in appropriate locations, and not limited to specific pages. They’re laid out in a way that is easy to navigate, and Journey Videos now have descriptions underneath. To increase engagement on individual Journey Video pages, I added share buttons to each of those pages, and these buttons are visible throughout the whole page so they’re easy to locate. In the hero image of the homepage, the CTA “Hear our voices” encourages users to view the individual Journey Videos.

For the different audiences—survivors of sexual assault of all backgrounds, loved ones and support networks of survivors, and the general public—I wrote down brief messages to them near the top of the homepage in bright boxes to stand out. Information that is relevant to each of them is written throughout, and the second button on the homepage brings the user to more specific info.


Web Design, Web Development, Some Copywriting

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