Mutt Life

Mutt Life; A dog and cat shop with eco-friendly and natural products.

Michelle is approachable, easy to talk to, had a keen sense for what we wanted, was very organized, had great ideas, and was open to our ideas and wishes. If you’re considering hiring Michelle for a website redesign, DO IT! You won’t be disappointed. She goes above and beyond, and it was a pleasure working with her.

– Stacey

Mutt Life web design.


Redesign Mutt Life’s website to connect to customers, increase awareness of who Mutt Life is, and provide information on products available. Design must be modern and clean.


I redesigned the website using clean lines and maintaining simplicity. This well represents Mutt Life, and helps customers get the correct feel for the company and store. Many images from the store itself were used, including images of dogs that have visited the store. It helps show the sense of community and how much dogs enjoy not only the products carried, but the store itself.

The first call-to-action you see on the homepage is to ‘get to know us’, so potential customers can see how dedicated Mutt Life is to its customers, both human and animal. Their excellent customer service is highlighted, as is their knowledge.

All brands carried at Mutt Life are listed on the website, and have been organized into ‘dogs’ and ‘cats’, then further narrowed down to five categories of product types. Plus, as mentioned above, there are images of some of the dog’s product picks.


Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design (header images), Some Copywriting

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